Dog Diggity Lyrics


Artist: Martin Luther
Lyrics: Seedwell Digital Creative Studio

You know what,
I like the Puget Sound,
Dog doogity, no doubt, uh!
Play on Puget
Play on Puget
Yo dog dropped a deuce!

Doggy get down, good dog
Baby got her walkin’ through Seatown
And all around the Puget Sound
Cover much ground, she ain’t a hound from the pound
In the rain, it’s a good day
Each and every day, the Northwest way
The girl and her dog, they were fine (wow)
Until they left a doodie, that’s a crime (bow wow)
East side to the West side
Pushin’ I-5, take a ferry ride
I hope she got treats in the stash
Bacon gives her gas
Fast when it comes to the snacks
I noticed that dance
It's on when she kicks like a rabbit
Doggy, when you do your doo, I'm gonna help you
Can I get down so I can

I like the way you walk it
Dog doogity
We’ve got to bag it up (repeat 4x)

Hey yo (4x)
Hey yo, let’s keep this clean
Hey yo (4x)
Pick it up! Pick it up! Keep it green
Hey yo (4x)
You don't want to swim in poo
Hey yo (4x), heeeeeey

I like the way you walk it
Dog doogity, we’ve got to bag it up (4x)
Copyright Puget Sound Starts Here 2011